As the internet counts more and more users, billions of IP addresses need to be allocated to new devices every day. By efficiently managing the various tasks associated with IP address management as well as DNS and DHCP management through the network, DDI solutions have proven to be time and cost saving, bringing competitive advantages to companies.


Solutions tailored for businesses: a ROI report


Businesses are constantly under pressure, as they have to implement network services that provide agility, security and reliability. Competition as well as new initiatives can completely change network infrastructures (hybrid cloud, virtualization, mobility, IoT, etc.), forcing companies to adapt to a constantly changing environment.


A survey report conducted by EfficientIP proved that DNS-DHCP appliances significantly reduce the time and costs spent for managing, configuring and integrating a company’s network within a three-year period. Major improvements include: a better ROI, increased productivity, time-saving and task optimization. Read more at


The report showed that the companies surveyed experienced an increase of their ROI of up to 263% thanks to the integration of DNS-DHCP appliances and to the automation of the tasks. The survey targeted enterprises of all sizes, from small to extra large, and included 50 customers across the globe. It covered various sectors including education, energy, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, public sector, service, telco/ISP, and transportation.


It was found that DNS-DHCP appliances could increase productivity by 400% on average through time savings and single task optimization. The report also shows that company ROI increased by up to 150%, as customers were able to delegate to other areas of the business, resulting in activities being performed up to 6 times faster.


DNS-DHCP-IPAM appliances: visibility, productivity and automation


Every company, whether small or extra-large, needs to adopt a suitable DDI solution to compete and perform. DNS-DHCP appliances bring three essential elements: visibility, productivity and automation:


  • DNS-DHCP appliances provide organizations with more visibility over the identification of problems as well as the best way to solve them. DDI solutions can anticipate the problems in order to find the best solution. They also provide reports on DNS-DHCP configurations and perform weekly analyses to reclaim unused IP addresses and switch ports.
  • DDI solutions automatically manage DHCP, DDI and IPAM, which reduces the time dedicated to manual network configurations and eliminates error-prone tasks. This automation boosts productivity, improves operational efficiency and reduces costs. DNS-DHCP appliances deal with configuration and maintenance operations, including patches, upgrades and backup).
  • DDI solutions automate every IT task, which helps companies save time and optimize the tasks associated with the management of the network. Consequently, DNS-DHCP appliances boost productivity, increase the ROI and save costs. The survey showed that DDI solutions saved 96% of time over manual IP address modification, but also 75% time savings over testing system patches or upgrades, and 80% time savings over DNS and DHCP service configurations.


In order to compete, businesses of all sizes should implement an integrated DDI solution which can bring agility, security and reliability to a network system. DNS-DHCP appliances anticipate problems and improve automation as companies experience numerous IT transformations, including hybrid cloud, virtualization, mobility, IoT, and so on.