Prezi is an online platform that offers templates for the layout of visual graphics. The site offers a variety of costumizable themes for all sectors of activity. In order to simplify the use of graphics on software, especially when integrating media (pictures, photos, logos, aso.), the software banks on several advantages, it is more flexible and without preliminary installation. It outdistances complex to use softwares such as PowerPoint, its labyrinths of customizations and its access difficulties for the non computer experts. In order to use prezi well, you have to choose the right theme. We propose you here 5 sites that offer free prezi themes. has the merit of being among the sites that offer prezi quality themes. Indeed, the site is strong from its clean and simple in terms of navigation home page, which allows internet users not to get lost among themes and categories. The site proposes a varied panel of themes organized by sectors of activity. However the concept of navigation "On page" gives too much room to the hundreds of products on the homepage which make the user very quickly lost, and put him in discomfort to make up his mind.

Preziland is a site that offers varied themes and great flexibility in terms of graphic choice (there are many different thematics ...). The prezi themes are fitted with an ergonomic interface and a very popular navigation. However, the choices proposed within each of the themes remain limited.

Jim harvey is a platform that offers in English prezi products. This English speaking site offers as well prezi products than detailed documentation for beginners’ use of themes. The disadvantage of this site is that it is difficult to find out the themes at first because the Prezi page suggests advertising content that confuses the user during its navigation.

This is another platform of prezi themes. As its domain name suggests it, prezi premium templates offers quality themes wich you have to pay for, but also free themes. The site has an intuitive side menu to target the type of wanted theme, sometimes free, sometimes not. Nevertheless, very few templates are free and those that are, are of low quality.

Prezi Maker remains undoubtedly one of the best selling sites for prezi themes. His themes are designed by a great professional expert who has won the prize Prezi Awards three consecutive years. The site exposes very powerful themes by their design of a high quality ; the colours are well chosen, and the slides are sublime. The price of the themes is very affordable compared to the quality of the design and the offered functionalities. To download a Prezi template it's here